Polyform Puzzler: Puzzles & Solutions

Author: David Goodger <goodger@python.org>
Date: 2015-02-24
Revision: 600
Web site:http://puzzler.sourceforge.net/
Copyright: © 1998-2015 by David J. Goodger
License:GPL 2

Polyform Puzzler solves a variety of polyomino, polyiamond, polyhex, polycube, polystick, polytrig, and polytwig puzzles. Files containing solutions of most puzzles are available at http://puzzler.sourceforge.net/solutions; direct links to individual solution files are provided. The solution images below were generated by Polyform Puzzler itself, via the -s/--svg option, and SVG converted to PNG with Inkscape. The X3D models (created via the -x/--x3d option) can be viewed with Xj3D (multiplatform), FreeWrl (Mac & GNU/Linux), Flux Player (Windows), and other 3-D viewing software.